Anastasia & Igor wedding photo session at sintra coast

Photo sessions I create make me think a lot about the meaning of photography. I get to know new people and I step into their intimate world to catch that one and only special connection between them.

Photo shoots are not really about posing on top of the cliff. They are about experiencing an adventure. Obviously we take pictures, but to make them meaningful we need to capture something real, we need to find genuine feelings and let them show.

When I meet people like Anastasia and Igor I’m even more thankful for my wonderful job. When there is real love, passion and happiness, there is always good energy around. Imagine all together: beautiful two human beings, joy of just being together, the pleasure of breathing the wind coming from the ocean, looking at breathtaking landscape and just feeling that you are alive. You love and you are loved.

If you fully enjoy the experience, the pictures will always take you back to that point in time, and they will bring back the feelings from that moment.

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